The Power
of moving Image

We love to shoot
From ad's to movies

La Magia de
la Animación

Conjugamos ilustración, diseño y movimiento
para dar vida a personajes e historias

La ilusión de los
Efectos Digitales

Contamos con los Softwares más avanzados
y los artistas especializados capaces
de crear cualquier situación





We combine every effort of our very qualified team of experts to cover each and every task in order to guarantee a high quality audio-visual production.




For its simplicity and versatility, it has turned out to be one of the most used techniques nowadays. Neko Films offers any kind of animation including: 2D, 3D and Stop motion.

Our Clients


We produce highly especialized media content for 2.0 audiences, one of the media platforms thats achieves more strength do to its reaching power, price and immediacy.

TV Commercials

We produce diverse mass media consumption content in order to achieve audio-visual pieces that become the “face” of the brand.

Corporate Comunication

We take in very serious consideration what our clients want to communicate about their company by giving it a creative, modern and effective touch to every piece we accomplish.

"They gave a different and creative look to our project. They’re talented young people that express their ideas in a distinctive way which made an impact on our organization"

− Joseba Barriola, Johnson & Johnson

"Two of the best luxuries in life are doing what you love and to love the people you work with. The ladies and gentlemen of NEKO Films are talented and love what they do. This kind of passion and determination lights up in every project and it was more than a pleasure working with them"

− Moises de la Renta, MDLR New York

"They over exceeded our brand’s expectations. They managed to express what we asked for in a very original and different way, along with a unique style. Without a doubt, NEKO Films will be very important in future projects"

− Marcos Noriega, Jägermeister VE

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